Bolso Tote Artesanal de Cuero vegetal con Gato Gris Pintado a Mano


Immerse yourself in artisan mastery with our exclusive handbag – a testament to the skill and passion of handmade work. Crafted from vegetable-tanned cowhide, each hand-drawn detail showcases meticulous precision. With each line and curve painstakingly applied, the result is a unique and captivating design that resonates with authenticity and beauty.

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Featured Features:

Vegetable-Tanned Beef Leather: This bag is made from vegetable-tanned beef leather, a traditional technique that highlights the durability and authenticity of the leather. The natural texture and scent of the leather make this bag unique and evocative.

Hand Drawn Work: Every detail on this bag is hand drawn with meticulous precision. The artisan’s patience and passion are reflected in every line and curve, creating a unique and captivating design.

Eco-Flo Acrylic Paint: Hand-painted details are created with Tandy Leather’s Eco-Flo acrylic paints, known for their quality and durability.

Special Leather Ink: To ensure the durability and vibrancy of the colors, a special leather ink is used. This ensures that the painted details maintain their vibrant appearance.

Oxen Foot Care Oil: To care for both the paint and the leather, we provide oxen foot oil. This oil nourishes and protects the paint and leather, keeping the bag in top condition over time.

Hand Stitching with Waxed Thread: The stitching of this bag is entirely hand stitched using #3 waxed thread. Each stitch is a display of skill and attention to detail.



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